How to create course packages within your course platform?

This article describes how to create the bundle of two or more courses or a package within your course platform. 

Through course packages, you can offer a combination of two or more courses to your learners at a different pricing & validity structure. 

This article drives you through the step by step process of creating a course package after you created the Course. 

Steps to create a Course Package:

Log in to your institution panel and set up the courses you want to include in the package. Once the course is set up, you can head towards "Packages" to set one up.

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "Content". Here, you can see "Packages" available just below "Courses".



Click on "Create New Package", enter the "Title" of the package & click on "Submit".
A new course package will be instantly created. 



Once the package is created, click on "Package Builder" to add courses into the package. 



Under "Search by Package Title" search the title of the course you want to add in the package. Select the right recommendation & "Confirm". The course would be instantly added to the package.



Now click on the "INFORMATION" towards the left. Select the "Pricing" option placed on the top. Under "Pricing", go to "List package for sale".
Check the boxes where you want the package to be displayed for sale.
You can choose any one of it or any combination between "Website", "Android" & "iOS" as per your requirement.
However, if you don't want your package to be displayed for sale now, you can select "None".



Finally, scroll down and select "Submit" to save the changes.