How to customise your course landing pages?

This is a step by step guide to customising your course landing pages using the in-built website builder.

Every course creator on Spayee is different and has unique courses to offer to their learners. Hence, Spayee provides a robust tool to create and customize your course landing pages.

A typical course landing page contains the title, description, course curriculum & reviews of a particular course.

You can customize your course landing page through our in-built website builder.

Before we proceed ahead, you need to understand the two distinct ways in which you can customise the course landing pages.


1. Global course landing page

Changes made in this page are applicable to all courses. To customize the Global Course Landing page, go to Dashboard > DESIGN > Website.


2. Individual Course Landing Page

Changes made in this page are applicable to only the specific course. To customise individual course landing, go to Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses.


Finally, click on the "Landing Page Design" icon of the course whose landing page you wish to customise.


Either way, you will land on the same web page.



A typical landing page comprises of the following sections. Please note that these sections can be further customised using Website Builder.

Course Information

This section contains the course information which appears on the top of your landing page:

Title, Tagline, Rating, Language & Instructor & Course Image.

You can change the positioning of these options.


However, you don’t need to change the value under the “{curly bracket}”. These values are variable which gets automatically picked up from the course information.




The description contains the details of the course which you entered while setting up the course. Input under the “{curly bracket}” is variable. You don't need to change it from here. However, you can customise its display name "Description" & its position.



Course Curriculum Settings

Course Curriculum is the Table Of Content of a particular course which appears on the course landing page. You can edit its display name to something you prefer, as well as, change its appearance.

Please note that you shouldn’t edit the code .

Whatever TOC you set while creating the course, would automatically appear at this section.


How to Use

This section contains the instructions that you might want to give to learners. The display name "How to Use" & its content can be edited from this section.

Please note that the content under "How to Use" section also gets picked up from course information.



Add to Cart Button

You can add additional “ADD TO CART” or “PURCHASE” buttons anywhere on your landing page. Alternatively, you can delete/ customise the existing one as well.

Select a block > Click on “+” at the bottom > BUTTON.


You can fully customise this button as well as change its name.


Now, click on "link" icon.

In the first box, add " #purchasebutton" & click on "OK".


Please note that particular sections can further be customised using the website builder. Read mor