How to design your android & iOS mobile apps?

This article talks about the steps to make necessary changes in the appearance of your android & iOS.

If you are in the Business plan or above, your mobile apps would be live in the play store within a few days. However, like the course website, it follows a standard design. 

If you wish to customise the look of your mobile apps, you can do it from within the course website itself. 

Design your Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Go to your Dashboard > DESIGN > Mobile Apps


mobile apps

From the top right, you have the option to customise Android & iOS mobile apps separately. 


mobile apps-1

Android App Settings

App URL: This is the URL of your app using which users can find you in the google play store. If you wish to use this URL while sending Emails, enter the play store link.

To find your App URL, go to the play store, open your App & copy the URL from the search bar. 


play store 

Now, paste the URL under "App URL" & click on "update".


app url

App Options

Blog: Blog option is by default visible on your app. If you do not wish to keep it, select "No".   

Blog Location: Blog is by default placed on the sidebar of your app. To change it into "Home", click on "Home".   

Landing Screen: Whenever a user visits your app, they by default land on "Store". You can change it into "My courses" or "Blog". 

About Us: "About Us " section is by default visible on your app. To make it go away, select "No".

Allow App on rooted devices/ emulators: If you want to allow your app on rooted devices or emulators like Bluestack, click on "Yes". 

However, we don't recommend it for security reasons. 

Allow screen mirroring: Screen mirroring or screen casting allows you to mirror your mobile device's content to a larger screen such as a TV screen. If you wish to enable this feature, click on "Yes". 


android settings

Store Theme: If you have fewer courses such as 5-7, we recommend list view. 

However, if you have several courses on your "Store", you can place them category wise. 

Click on Category Wise View. Label the category & choose the category name. To add another category, click on the "add" icon. 

After the above changes, click on "Save". 


 category wise


Store Image Slider

Click here to read how to set up slider images


iOS Settings

All the options are the same as android settings.

However, to generate App Bundle Id, write to us at 


bundle id