How to enable/disable Bookmark Course Item feature on your course platform?

This article explains how to enable/disable bookmark feature on your course platform.

Like any other Bookmark, bookmark feature on your course platform allows learners to keep track of their progress while being able to easily return to a specific course item like a quiz question.

Enable/Disable Bookmark for your Course Platform

There is one universal bookmark feature, which is by default enabled. However, you can manually disable them. Please note that disabling it would disable the bookmark feature for all your courses on the course platform. 


Go to your Dashboard > SETTINGS > Miscellaneous. 




Now, scroll down and go to the option "Allow Bookmark Course items". It would be "Yes", to disable it click on "No".


settings 2

Enable/Disable Course Wise Bookmark 

If you want to keep the bookmark feature enabled for some of your courses, keep the universal bookmark feature ON while disabling the individual course bookmark. 

To manually disable course wise bookmark feature, go to your Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses. Now, click on the "details" icon of the course whose bookmark feature you want to disable. 




Under Details, scroll down & click on "Show Advanced Options".  Scroll down further and go to the option "Allow Bookmark Course items". To disable it click on "No".



Using Bookmarks by Learners

Learners can use bookmark feature by going into My Courses > Choose Course > Quiz Question.

Now, bookmark the quiz question after you have attempted the Quiz. Once you click on the bookmark icon you will get a pop-up message "Question successfully bookmarked.".


right option

To view all the bookmarks, go to "My Bookmarks" on the dashboard.