How to integrate Vimeo within your course platform?

This article describes how to integrate Vimeo within your course platform.

Spayee supports the integration of Vimeo on your course platform using which you can create & upload new video lectures.  

Integrating Vimeo on your Spayee platform

Log in to your course platform and in the menu bar select INTEGRATIONS > Third Party.



Now, scoll down & find Vimeo under which you will have to enter "Vimeo Access Token". 


vimeo token

Open a new tab & log in to 

Click on "New App" placed on the top right corner,


vimeo new app

Enter the following information:

App Name: This is a necessary field. You can name your App after your institute name or anything like "Video Content". 

Description: Fill in the description of your app. This is for your own reference. This won't be visible in a public domain. 

Will people besides you be able to access your app?

Select "No".

Finally, check the box on the final option stating "I agree that my application does not violate the Vimeo API License Agreement or the Vimeo Terms of Service".  

Click on "Create App". 




Your app will be created & its related information will be visible on the new page.

Scroll down till "Authentication".

To Generate an access token, select the radio button "Authenticated (You)".

Check the following boxes:

1) Public

2) Private

3) Video Files

Click on "Generate".


vimeo new token


Your Vimeo token will be generated.  Immediately copy the token & go back to the first tab where we left.


vimeo token new


On your course platform under Vimeo, paste the Vimeo Token Key & Save.  


vimeo paste token

Your Vimeo integration is complete.

Refer to this guide to know the best Vimeo practices for your course platform.