How to unblock iOS app user?

This article describes how can you unblock the learner on the iOS app who have been blocked for taking more than 3 screenshots.

If you are in the Advanced Plan, & have launched your iOS app, this article is for you.

Spayee prevents iOS app users to take screenshots on the app. This is done for extra security of your content. Every time an iOS app learner tries to take a screenshot within your iOS app, they are warned of account blockage.

However, if they continue to take up to 3 screenshots, they can no longer access their account on the iOS app.

If a learner gets blocked because of this, you can manually unblock them. 

Steps to unblock iOS app user

Go to your Dashboard > USERS > Learners.

Now, go to the "User Details" of the learner whose account you want to unblock. 



 A new tab will open containing the learner's information. Scroll down till "Unblock Learner on iOS". Here you can see the number of screenshots taken & an option to unblock the learner. 

Click on "Unblock Learner" & the learners' iOS account will be unblocked.


learner unblock-1