How to use app deep linking to promote your mobile app?

This article introduces the app deep link feature present in the course platform & how you can leverage them to promote your mobile app.

App deep link is a customised URL that allow you to send prospective & existing users to any location within your iOS or Android app.

If you are running an online ad, clicking on it would take the users directly to a particular location of your android or iOS app.

This precisely is app deep linking. 

However, if the user doesn't have your app installed, it would lead them to the android or iOS play store from where they can download the app. Once the app gets installed, the user will be redirected to that particular location within the app.  

This whole process is called deferred deep linking. In this process, the app deep link is "deferred" until the user installs the app. 

App Deep Link feature is supported only on Business & Advanced Plan. 


That being said, App Deep Linking feature is extremely useful in promoting app installs, giving personalised user attention & optimising your online study app. 

App Deep Link is a small detail that can drastically enhance how users engage with your app but few are taking advantage of it.

How app deep link can help you?


It improves user experience

You’re making the life of users easier by using deep linking to get them where they want to go faster.

This would give them a better experience and impression with your app as a result.

Usual App Link would land users on your app's homepage.

App deep link directs the user to the blog, course store or a particular course details.

This brings me to the next point. 

Promote App Installs

In addition to the last point, if the app is not installed on a users' phone, app deep link would first redirect the user to the play store & then to the particular location of the study app.

This would surely promote your app installs. 

Imagine running a social media campaign, when users open or install your app, they get to see the exact content your campaign is marketing, including any discounts you're offering.

Increase in customer retention and engagement

Mostly half of your website visitors slip through your website. However, in case of an installed app, that would not be the case. 

In fact, in case the user deletes the app from their phone, through app deep link you can retarget them & give them what they are looking for.

Strengthens your marketing

Personalization is key. App deep linking allows you to customize the user experience, which improves marketing results.

As per the data, 40 per cent of users are more like to purchase when given discount coupons. 

This feature would allow you to target learners as per their behaviour & increase conversion rates.

This would push users through the sales funnel quicker.