How to view and download your course sales report?

This article determines how to view & download your free & paid course report.

Course Report gives you the details of all the learners who have enrolled in your courses (both free & paid) in a given period of time. 

View & Download Course Sales Report


Video: How to view & download your course sales report. 

Course Sales Report

Go to your Dashboard > REPORTS > Sales.


sales report


From the "Sales" section you can view the details of newly enrolled learners for the past 7 days. 

However, you can fully customise/filter the search in the following parameters:

Transaction Time: You can view the learners' report for the past 7 days/ 30 days/date chosen by you. 


sales date range-1


Channel: You can filter the results to enrollments done through website/ android/ iOS app. 


sales channel


Initiated: You can view the report of total transactions in a given period of time which were initiated, successful or who got the refund due to some issues. 


sales success


Type: Choose if you want to generate the report for free or paid courses.


sales type


After applying your preferred filters, click on "Search". The resultant learners' details will be visible on the same page when you scroll down. 


sales filter


Finally, in order to download the Sales Report, apply your preferred filter & click on Export as CSV. 


sales report-1


Now, go to REPORTS> Downloads > download report to download the sales report.


sales report download

Manually add a new transaction

Whenever you receive a payment offline from the learner, for the sake of proper recording you can manually add that transaction. 

Click on "Create" on your Sales Dashboard. 


sales new

A new form will open titles "Create New Transaction". 

State: Choose the State of the new learner.

Courses: Choose the course or the package you want to assign to the learner. 

Learner: Enter the learner's name.

Transaction Id: If you are keeping tab of transaction Id's, add the detail here.

Payment Mode: Specify how you received the payment.

Amount: Specify the amount you charged for the courses.

After filling the above details, click on "Save".


new sales