How to view Contact Form details on your course platform?

This article guides you on how to view & download contact form information submitted by users on your course platform.

Your course platform typically will have at least one Contact Form. You can create & customise one using the Website Builder. 

Anyone can submit their contact information using the form, which would help you in creating the E-mail list. Every time a new subscriber fill up their details, it gets recorded in two ways.

1) Notification Through the E-mail

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Email.



Scroll down & go to Email Settings. From here you can view & change the contact form E-mail on which every new contact form entry is being sent. 

You can also set multiple E-mails on which contact form entry will be forwarded.


email contact form

2)  View & Download information through Subscribers

Subscribers are those users who have filled up the contact form but haven't signed up on your course platform. You can view & download the report of all the subscribers at any time.

Go to your Dashboard > USERS > Subscribers.



Subscribers information consists of the Date they signed up on, Name, E-mail, Mobile & the Message given by the subscriber. 




To download subscribers information, click on "Export". 



Now, go to Dashboard > REPORTS > Downloads.

Beside Subscriber Report, click on the "Download Report" icon under "Actions" & the information will be downloaded. 


subscriber download